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Stephen Shuart
(Formerly of Kane, PA)

P.O. Box 368, South Harwich, MA 02661
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"Large Format Specialist"

For over thirty-five years I have scoured America, Canada and Europe in search of choice nuggets of photographica. Over these years, I have maintained close relationships with maniacally passionate customers, and have forged a reputation as the world's "Large Format Specialist". The blacksmithing connotation is apt, as the Stephen Shuart Export Company existed as a strictly one-man operation in the mountains of Pennsylvania, kept afloat by my hard work. My family can attest that I have also been known to sweat like a blacksmith. Between working hard, sweating a lot, and sopping up $1.25 breakfasts at the local greasy spoon (tip included), I did not realize that some enterprising sniper would think to register the domain name www.stephenshuart.com and capitalize on my reputation to sell lens cleaners and other generic merchandise.
     Yet this is precisely what has happened. I would be upset, but I'm retired. I spend most of my time on Cape Cod, either bobbing around in a skiff or making simple errands into daylong projects. I continue to sell one of my previous "bread-and-butter" items, custom ground glass, and hope to connect with long-standing and new customers with the launch of this site, WWW.STEPHENSHUART.ORG. If you need some ground glass, send me an email. Also check back regularly to see what estate-sale goodies are on offer. I could use some pocket money to pay for these $5 breakfasts, and I can probably even get you a screaming deal on lens cleaners.

Stephen Shuart

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